What Should I Do if My Wallet was Stolen

What to do if Your Wallet was Stolen

People getting their wallets stolen by thieves are a very common crime that’s usually committed many times a day. In some places, whether you believe it or not, this kind of crime is now being done as if it’s an everyday job. Most of us usually don’t pay attention to this matter, especially if you or someone you know isn’t involved.

What Should I Do if My Wallet was Stolen
What Should I Do if My Wallet was Stolen


However, let’s just say that one day, someone had stolen your precious wallet. Inside your wallet are your ATM Cards, Credit Cards, Driver’s License, Health Insurance Card and most of all, your hard-earned money. At this moment, not only will you worry about your cold cash; mostly your worries will be on your cards that are stolen along with your wallet.


So what should you do once your wallet is stolen? Listed below are the things that you must do in order to prevent further damages, along with the fact that the perpetrator will be caught as soon as possible.


  1. Contact your bank as soon as possible. Once you confirm that your ATM and Credit Cards are stolen along with your wallet, contact the corresponding bank as soon as possible. Warning them right away will force them to put your bank accounts in dormant or frozen status, therefore preventing use of your stolen cards in the near future.


  1. Contact your credit card company right away. Due to the fact that credit card fraud is very common nowadays especially while you’re online, there’s a chance that the thief will try to use your credit card number when doing online transactions. Warning your credit card company will definitely save you from lots of debts in the future, aside from the fact that it will also save you from lots of potential headaches.


  1. Report the incident to the nearest local police. After doing the first two things, you must make sure that the police will file a report concerning that incident. Every bank or credit card company you work with will definitely ask you to give them a copy of the police report in order to confirm that a theft or burglary had happened to you. Sometimes, the police will just ignore the issue so don’t expect that an investigation will ever take place. However, in this case, a police report will suffice.


  1. Change or add new locks in your own house. You may say that this is not needed. However, there’s a chance that aside from money, there are other motives behind your stolen wallet. Since your safety is the main issue here, just do it.