4th Generation Suzuki Jimny

4th Generation Suzuki Jimny expected to be Manufactured in India

To those who have experienced driving Suzuki Jimny, they must have already liked this one for either one of these three reasons: The bearing of a little coupe, the typical hatchback’s convenience and, most of all, the flexibility that an SUV could give its drivers. The Japanese company has been noticed setting its eyes on the Indian car market for years now. And this time, rumors have already spread on the internet that the Japanese company plans to manufacture its 4th generation Jimny inside India. And if these rumors are true, it is somewhat expected that the Jimny will make its debut early next year along with the fact that it’s going to take place inside India.

4th Generation Suzuki Jimny expected to be Manufactured in India

After seeing it during the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo, the company is actually having a lot of pressure coming from European dealers that want to have a car replacement. Because of this, it is rumored that the 4th generation Jimny is going to share its overall platform with the Baleno/Ignis platform and its manufacture is going to start inside Suzuki’s Gujarat Car Plant early next year. In addition to that news, the company is said to target Germany, France, United Kingdom, Southeast Asia and Brazil as its major markets. At the same time, the 4th generation Jimny is said to be readily available for sale inside Japan.


Being known for its long-running selling stint, the first one started getting manufactured in the year 1970 and had an 11-year reign after its introduction in the market. The second generation, on the other hand, had started manufacturing from 1981 and is still selling until the year 1998. As of now, the Jimny is currently under the 3rd generation and had experienced various engine and performance upgrades. However, it is also noticed that the model didn’t experience having a style overhaul. As a matter of fact, the Maruti Suzuki had teased its fans right during the 2012 expo about the concept of the 3rd generation Jimny, which sadly turns out to be the concept of XA Alpha.


However, it is expected that, if the manufacture of 4th Generation Jimny is true, chances are that it is going to have a 4×4 system just like in the upcoming Ignis model. A diesel-type engine might not be readily available but will be replaced with a 1.4-liter booster jet gasoline engine variant, along with the possibility of having an automatic transmission gearbox.