Audi TTS 2016

Audi TTS 2016 : Driving Remains Great

Audi’s TT series has gathered lots of judgment for the past years, including the fact that it isn’t just designed for everyone. However, further improvements have been made for the sports car and only time will tell whether this one will gather the much-needed attention.

Audi TTS 2016
Audi TTS 2016


Under the Hood

Featuring a Turbocharged and Intercooled 16-valve inline-4, this sports car runs at 292 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. This is considerably faster compared to the regular TT by 72 horsepower and 22 pound-feet, driving tests show. A four-wheel drivetrain and a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic with manual shifting mode are also provided in order for you to have the most enjoyable driving experience. Experts are quick to point out that the sports car’s engine is more powerful compared to the plain TT and the company’s S3 Sedan.


There’s no need for you to worry about the ride, though. From the magnetic shock absorbers to the installed wheels and computerized shifting, the customers are rest assured that the ride isn’t just faster; it is also greater compared than previous Audi driving experiences.


  • Category : Sports Car
  • Engine : Turbocharged and Intercooled DOHC 16-valve inline-4
  • Transmission : 6-speed dual-clutch automatic with manual shifting mode
  • Drivetrain : 4WD
  • Power : 292 hp @ 6200 rpm
  • Torque : 280 lb-ft @ 1900 rpm
  • 0-60 mph : 4.2 seconds
  • Top Speed : 155 mph (governor limited)
  • Mileage : (City/Highway) 23/27 mpg; (C/D observed) 21 mpg
  • Price : Starting at $52,825 to $59,100 (as tested)
Audi TTS 2016
Audi TTS 2016