BMW Remote Valet Parking Assistant – Way to Auto-Parking



In this time of innovation revolution, who can still be surprised by a car than can automatically park itself? And yet, we still do!  BMW, the leading high-end automobile innovator and manufacturer has recently introduced its newest automatic parking technology. It is all set to be publicly unveiled on 2015 Consumer Electronics Show that will take place in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada.  The German car manufacturer calls this feature as Remote Valet Parking Assistant (RVPA).


BMW Remote Valet Parking Assistant
BMW Remote Valet Parking Assistant


RVPA feature which is installed in its hottest i3 electric car model with the aid of four laser scanners with sensitivity that is hailed uber-advance in among its contemporaries, serves as sensors, aides and guides for the basic driving functions.  This enables the driver to remotely maneuver the electric car.  All he has to do is just pull up at the parking entrance and turn on the Remote Valet Parking Assistant application.

BMW Remote Valet Parking Assistant
BMW Remote Valet Parking Assistant


The sensors or lasers will do its work by probing through the multiple-storey parking garage until it finally identifies a free parking space. If you are skeptical about the potential hazards, have no fear about this.  The sensors naturally perceive pedestrians, blocks and disorderly parked vehicles.  Mind you, the sensors do not make use of the inaccurate GPS system.  Instead it came from the mm-specific digital mapping technology.


While BMW had named already the initial car as the i3 electric car, the company is yet to announce other different vehicles to house this application feature.  It is further promised that certain modifications will also be added to better assist the actual drivers to make their driving and parking to be much easier tasks.



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