Bolt M-1

Bolt M-1: A Certified Urban-friendly Smart Electric Motorcycle

Bolt Motorbikes proudly presents the Bold M-1, a smart EM (electric motorcycle) that will bring out the excitement from any urban, free-spirited resident.  M-1 was designed with a body of a fully-abled motorcycle but has the pragmatic factors of a bicycle.  The creators stated that they got the inspiration from the retro styling during 70’s and 80’s and merely incorporated the hardware and software components produced in today’s technology.

Bolt M-1
Bolt M-1


If you can ride a bicycle, you can definitely enjoy the ride in M-1.  There will be no gears to shift and no clutch to grab in this model.  Environmentalists will enjoy the emission-less, fully-electric motorcycle as a transport within the urban setting.  You can get a drift around the park, commute to work, tear up the twisties and ride in doubles through M-1 and the best part of it:  you don’t need a license, insurance or registration.


When it comes to performance, you can handle the city streets and off-road trails in an all-weather condition.  Choose between Economy and Sport modes to determine your driving speed and experience.  In Economy mode, you can have a 20mph in 35 miles range within the city using the bicycle lane.  In Sport mode, experience peak of M-1’s styling, attitude and power at 40 mph with enough torque to climb even the most challenging hills in San Francisco.


Furthermore, you can digitally connect into it through your smartphone, charge your phone through an installed USB charger and lessen your worries about theft since the vehicle is password protected. What more can you say about M-1 since it has the right styling, technology and practicality you won’t find in any ordinary motorcycle or bicycle.  It is certifiably a crossover e-bike to have!


Bolt M-1
Bolt M-1




  • Body : Steel frame
  • Weight : 140 pounds
  • Weight capacity : 2 riders (up to 350 pounds)
  • Wheel size : 17 inches
  • Wheelbase : 45 inches
  • Seat height : 27 inches
  • Front brake : 220mm hydraulic disc
  • Rear brake : Regenerative / drum
  • Other features : LED headlight and integrated tail/brake light, functional pedals