Cadillac Finally Releases their Newest Escala Car Concept

It is somewhat noticeable that there’s an all-time high this year when it comes to companies releasing their newest car concepts. Earlier this year, Volkswagen and other companies had released their concepts. And as for the upcoming last quarter of this year, Cadillac has followed the trend by releasing details of their own company’s newest car concept.

Cadillac Finally Releases their Newest Escala Car Concept

Officially named as Cadillac Escala, the company’s car concept looks masculine in almost every detail, starting from the front grille and air intakes up to its rear. At a slight glance, experts had actually mistaken it for an Audi S7 if it were not for the company’s signature marks that appear on the sedan. Its name literally means ‘Scale’ in Spanish language. Does this mean that the company’s concept will take the car technologies at a whole new scale? If the answer to this question is a definite yes, it only means that the Escala is only the start of an entirely different batch.



Even though the old-fashioned design is gone, the company claims that the overall drive will still be Cadillac-style. Being the biggest of the Cadillacs as of now, the Escala concept is bigger in almost every aspect when it comes to the exterior side. The overall design makes sure that it still fits the sedan category and production-ready at the same time. Based mainly on the company’s Omega platform architecture, the Escala will adapt the incoming 4.2-liter DOHC V-8 engine. It is also noticeable that the Escala has an LED array, which serves as turning signal lights and daytime running lights at the same time.



The cabin is adorned with leather trim and brushed aluminum in American Walnut setting. The modern and classic styles are actually combined, the LED Display paneling delicately arranged in fabric and wood. Compared to Elmiraj and Ciel, the Escala concept definitely appears closer to reality, especially if you consider this one to be a flagship design.


The concept aims to make luxury look more sophisticated and appealing by integrating new features and technologies but making sure that it fits with the car at the same time. It is actually a challenge, especially for the management to design and make one. But taking a look at what the Escala can offer its potential users, we can finally say that the car is definitely something that every Cadillac fan must try.