Ford Focus ST 2015

Ford Focus ST 2015 – Review, Specifications, Price and Release

Beautiful and strong physique when it comes to cars is often pictured with strong, vivid colors, mean looking façade and killer wheels.  Ford could never let us down with the design and overall package of its 2015 Focus ST, a car with all the aforementioned qualities.  Just taking a look at it and you’ll swoon like a lady. What’s more about this car? Well, it completely exhibits the achievement and capacity performance-wise.

Ford Focus ST 2015
Ford Focus ST 2015



Beside powerful combination of the striking red and black body painting exhibited in our photos, we can see a stronger youthful aura instead of a mature one.  Mesh grill exposes the company’s emblem just a little bit above of it.  Headlights pose smart but mean look that could intimidate other vehicle owners on the road.


Engine and Transmission

Ford endows Focus ST with the 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that can summon 252 horse power and 270 lb-ft. of torque.  Furthering its performance is what the company dubs as “torque steer compensation system” that has the ability to diminish the electric power steering assistance set in the direction of the wheel.  In effect it makes the harmful upshots of sending too much torque to the axle. Engine performance is also accompanied by the 6-speed manual transmission.


  • Engine : 2.0L Turbocharged, 4 cylinders
  • Transmission : 6-speed manual
  • Power : 252 hp
  • Torque : 270 lb-ft.
  • Mileage : (city) 23 MPG, (highway) 32 MPG
Ford Focus ST 2015
Ford Focus ST 2015



While you can feel a little squeezed because of lack of space but the leathery touches with contrasting remarkable stitches can give enough appeal (if not comfort) to the eyes.



After testing, Ford Focus ST gains the sticker price of $30, 865 but could start for as low as $25, 195.


Ford Focus ST 2015
Ford Focus ST 2015