Ford Fusion Sport 2017

Ford Fusion Sport 2017 : Now Closing in Real Fast to its Competitors

A family sedan usually has these criteria for them in order to get recognized: Looks, feel and performance. When we say performance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to become fast, especially if you have a child on board. However, it definitely doesn’t mean that it has to be slow either. Just a good performance is definitely more than enough. But right now, the criteria about mid-sized family sedans are also improving and companies like Ford must answer the call in order to stay in shape. Most car experts aren’t satisfied by this year’s Fusion model so the company had decided to increase the standards a little bit.

Ford Fusion Sport 2017 : Now Closing in Real Fast to its Competitors


Under the Hood

The 2017 Fusion Sport is known to feature a five-passenger, four-door mid-sized family sedan with a 2.7-liter turbocharged and intercooled V-6 engine. Known to have a four-wheel drivetrain, the 2017 Fusion sport runs at 326 horsepower with a top speed of 125 mph. It is also appealing for most drivers since it has a six-speed automatic transmission with manual shifting. So if you’re a fan of employing gear sticks inside your car, having this one is definitely a good choice. Having the 300 horsepower is more than enough for its category but still, most experts are now expecting the other competitors to follow suit.



Right in the middle of the car’s rotary shifter is an S button that changes the Fusion Sport’s driving experience when pushed. This gives you the feel to become in more control of your driving compared than before. It is also noticeable that, when compared to this year’s model, Fusion Sport model has a better throttle response and gear shifting. The overall grip is much better along with the fact that the driver’s steering feel is more appreciated.


As of now, the car’s interior is only available in charcoal gray but the overall décor is composed of leather, hard and soft plastic and some chrome touches for its design. However, we still believe that the company is going to offer other interior options maybe earlier next year.


  • Category : Family Sedan
  • Engine : 2.7-liter Twin-Turbocharged and Intercooled DOHC 24-valve V-6
  • Transmission : 6-speed automatic with manual shifting
  • Drivetrain : 4WD
  • Power : 325 hp @ 5500 rpm
  • Torque : 380 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm
  • 0-60 mph : 5.3 seconds
  • Top Speed : 125 mph
  • Mileage : (City/Highway) 17/26 mpg
  • Price : Starting at $34,350


Ford Fusion Sport 2017 : Now Closing in Real Fast to its Competitors