Gogoro Smartscooter

Gogoro Smartscooter – Specifications, Price and Details

When you take a look at the newly launched GogoroSmartscooter, you can’t help but to remember Robocop himself.  That’s how futuristic (but somehow cute) it is.  For people who want to look smart, cool and cute all the same, Gogoro’sSmartscooter comes highly recommended.


But before everything is said about the battery electric vehicle itself, let’s take a recap about the company.  Surely, Gogoro isn’t one of those famous brands about technology—yet.  The core team behind the name are HTC alumni designers and engineers.  These guys envision a revolutionary and practical consumer product.

Gogoro Smartscooter
Gogoro Smartscooter


The concept of Smartscooter exudes friendliness and personal touch.  It comes with full-size helmet and two batteries in the storage compartment beneath the driver seat.   Most of the details bear the touch of humanity as they were all realized from the vision of security and practicality.  The framework itself is made of the lightweight but strong and more agile aluminum metal designed to be twice stronger than most of the scooters available in the market.


Accessing the scooter itself is but a child’s play—a Bluetooth dongle in tandem with the ‘GO’ key located at the bottom middle of its screen.   It can go from 0-50 km/h in mere 4.2 seconds and sprint up to 95 km/h of maximum speed.  Since we’re talking of electrically charged scooter here, there are no harmful emissions; hence, it is earth friendly.


The term ‘smart’ beside scooter should give you the cue that it’s digitally connected.  GogoroSmartscooter has 80 sensors that make up the smart system that can stay connected and in sync with Gogoro® with 10 minute of update interval.


Currently, the only problem seen for our newest favorite electric scooter is charging stations.  Gogoro is doing its best to spread these stations for easy accessibility.  Also, a consumer needs to subscribe to the company to get unlimited battery swaps.  All in all, Gogoro is a chrysalis waiting to emerge to be a Tesla of electric scooters.

Gogoro Smartscooter
Gogoro Smartscooter