Google’s Self-Driving Car Specification, Review, Price, Video

Google’s most remarkable trait might be its “untiring” venture in different areas of businesses, creating a vast scope of territory for itself.  While they are the unquestionable search engine of today, they also delved in projects creating the uber-popular Android OS.  Not to mention its broad span of advertising, marketing and social networking influence in the World Wide Web.

Google’s Self-Driving Car
Google’s Self-Driving Car


Now, Google has released on the roads its prototype self-driving car.  If you’re in the northern part of California, chances are you can see this Google babe surfing on the roads for its series of test drives during the yuletide season.  They bring in various people with specific need that the prototype self- driving car can meet.  One of these people is Steve Mahan who lost 95% of his eyesight, requiring him to walk with the aid of a white cane. He claimed that due to his condition, he could not go to places he would want to visit.  On the test drive, Mahan experienced driving without the use of his hands and feet.  It was smooth “surfing” through the roads!


Sensors, cameras and the self-driving program itself do the wonders in driving.  As seen at the car roof, a knob-shaped sensor rotates, enabling sensitivity for parking, drive through and the car’s total performance.  Google further announces that they will be producing the vehicles under the utility category and not the high-end as one would normally think.  The utility vehicle will also surf a mere 25mph speed or approximately 40kph.


Nothing is final when it comes to the general car design though—even we’ve seen the white, bug-like one in one post.  Steve Mahan’s test car is Toyota Prius. Alongside Toyota Prius, Audi TT and Lexus RX450h were also committed to make up the set of Google- driven road testers.


Surmised to say, the modern depiction of robotic cars we have seen in Hollywood films may not be far from now.  It is going to be revolutionary and there’s no question for that.


Google’s Self Driving Car
Google’s Self Driving Car