Honda Civic Type R – Prices, Specs, Release Date


Honda has never been credited as one of those performance driven cars, but fans love them nevertheless.  Yet the car-maker considered this growing demand and will be giving consumers the very first performance model.  Honda Civic Type R is very imminent in the near future but the exact release date is still unknown.

Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R


Asked during the New York Auto Show if Civic Type R will be listed as a 2016 car, Executive Vice President of American Honda Motor Co. John Mendel answered vaguely that it could be a 2018 model by the time the model hits the United States. Enhancing the sensation of Civic Type R, numerous rumors have been circulating that its US variant will be different from its European counterpart.  Note that the European variant is a five-door hatchback and—lucky continent—it is very soon to arrive in the European shores.

Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R


Judging by the exterior design of the much anticipated Honda Civic Type R, it is a very handsome-looking car that holds promise for zooming away on highways and roads.  It looks like a bullet with a tail at the back bumper.  It looks stylishly elegant in three colors—majorly in white, a dab of ebony and red lining in front fascia and wheels. Mesh grilles are seen at the front fascia almost taking over the front bumper that’s one of its cool factors.  The ‘H’ insignia is notably highlighted with the same red hue of the linings.


Sportiness is something that Honda lost along the way as most of the reviewers and consumers who tracked the brand ever since they could remember.  But revelling at the beauty of Civic Type R, one may forget all their qualms and doubts of the legendary car-maker. This one is sporting enough ‘sportiness’ indeed.






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