Honda Fit EX 2015

Honda Fit EX 2015 – Specifications, Price and Release

Are you looking for a reliable car tuned with fine and practical points?  The 2015 model of Honda Fit is a subcompact car that is very friendly for everyday commute.  Ranking no. 1 among the respectable subcompacts in the likes of Ford Fiesta, Scion iA and Chevrolet Sonic, Honda Fit comes highly recommended for city use.

Honda Fit EX 2015
Honda Fit EX 2015



Exterior and Interior

Bullet shaped with indented details, Fit can competently maneuver its way into the sea of vehicles.  The packaging itself is enough to catch attentions from the practical crowd. Compared to the old model, the new babe has gained 58 pounds of extra weight, gaining a total of 2,578 pounds.


A factory installed touchscreen, rear camera and Bluetooth connectivity highlights the function, comfort and entertainment of the people inside.  However, to have these add-ons, expect a price tag of $18,225.


Engine, Transmission and Price

There’s a drawback however for this cutesy vehicle—noise.  Drivers tend to get distracted of the noise emitted by the engine and the audible friction against the concrete.  Another bothersome detail is the not-big-enough fuel tank which also means frequent stopovers to gas stations. The front-placed engine is a DOHC 16-valve type ready to empower Fit with 130hp and 114 lb.-ft.


Bottom line, Fit is certainly friendly within city bounds; but you must think twice before you rev up your engine for a long journey.


  • Engine :DOHC 16-valve inline-4, front-engine
  • Transmission : 6-Speed manual
  • Power : 130hp
  • Torque : 114 lb.-ft.
  • Drivetrain : front-wheel drive
  • Mileage : (city) 29MPG; (highway) 37MPG
  • Price : starting at $18,225


Honda Fit EX 2015
Honda Fit EX 2015