Honda Pilot 2016

Honda Pilot 2016 – Specifications, Price and Release

Boxy and not-so-impressive looking, the old Honda Pilot had a hard time finding its way into the hearts of car aficionados. It took full swing of revamping from a mundane looking SUV into a sleek and premium-looking head turner.


Just like the 2015 Pilot version, the latest model comes with the long trail of upgrade options.  Looks like the Pilot has really taken off into its zenith this time

Honda Pilot 2016
Honda Pilot 2016


Exterior and Interior

Opposed to the angular type of the previous Pilot, the curvaceous frame of the successor brings more appeal to the mass of consumers.  As studied even both Ford and Nissan for their boxy Escape and Pathfinder (respectively), consumers tend to associate box-like features with drastic fuel economy.  Whereas, the curvy body is more pleasing to look at and has this “economical and efficient” effect for the gas.


Honda even scratched off the angular chrome grille on its front fascia and endowed the SUV with longer and lower limbs.  Now, the additional inches in Pilot’s dimensions made way to a more spacey comfort inside.  Three rows of seats can be seen as you get into the car with just the right amount leg rooms even for 6-footers.


The dashboard and center consoles are adorned with state-of-the art technology with buttons neatly organized right on the steering wheel. An eight-inch touch screen adorns the front and is used with simplicity if not perfectly.


Honda Pilot 2016
Honda Pilot 2016



Engine and Transmission

As for driving, the 300 pound weight reduction greatly helped for Pilot’s speed. From 0-60 mph within 7 seconds, it is surely fast.  The V6 engine mightily contributes to this factor as also with the 6-speed transmission.  Together, they can pull 280 hp of power and 262 lb.-ft. of torque. Further, the fuel economy of this Honda model is truly efficient and economical. The only downside for Pilot is its slight delay upon startup (just the split of half a second).

  • Engine : 3.5L V6
  • Transmission : 6-speed automatic or 9-speed DCT automatic
  • Power : 280 hp
  • Torque : 262 lb-ft
  • Mileage : (9W FWD) 20mpg-city, 27mpg- high way; (6AT FWD) 18mpg-city, 26mpg- high way