Hyundai G90 Sedan 2017

Hyundai G90 Sedan 2017 – The Genesis of a New Series

To those Hyundai fans out there: Don’t get confused.

To settle those somewhat ‘confusing’ matters, the former Hyundai Genesis Sedan will now be known as G80 and will be joining the G90 under the Genesis banner. However, it is a different Genesis, though. Unlike the former one (being sold as a regular Hyundai car), this one is somehow luxurious. Hyundai plans to produce more luxury cars in the near future and the G90 is only the beginning (hence the word Genesis).

Hyundai G90 Sedan 2017
Hyundai G90 Sedan 2017



The G90’s design is the best of both worlds; that is, combining the best qualities of the Genesis/G80 and the Equus Series. Since the Equus is somehow inferior compared to Audi’s A8 and BMW’s 7-Series when it comes to design, others consider the G90 as a great enhancement, therefore replacing Equus in terms of looks. It is also larger, having the dimensions of additional 4.5 inches in length, 1.8 inches in width and 1 inch in height.



The G90’s interior (according to Korean specifications) feature a 12.3-inch wide-screen monitor, Lexicon-manufactured sound system, climate control, a 22-way power and 14-way adjustable rear seats. Its seats also employ a Smart Posture System to ensure that the driver’s back is kept healthy.

Hyundai significantly improved the Genesis/G80’s previous overall engine performance. Thus, the G90 was born.


  • Category : Luxury Car
  • Engine :8-liter V-6 (standard) or  5.0-liter V-8 or turbocharged 3.3-liter V-6 (optional)
  • Transmission :  8-speed automatic
  • Drivetrain : RWD (standard), AWD (optional)
  • Power : 311-hp (standard) or 420-hp (for V-8) or 365-hp (turbocharged V-6)
  • Torque : N/A
  • 0-60 mph : N/A
  • Top Speed : N/A
  • Mileage : N/A
  • Price : TBD


Hyundai G90 Sedan 2017
Hyundai G90 Sedan 2017