Jaguar XE S 2017

Jaguar XE S 2017 – Specifications, Price and Release

Jaguar XE-S for 2017 yet falls under the category of luxury sports sedan, but the $40,000 price tag says a lot about cost-cutting.  It may not be as eye-catching as its rivals but the designers do not care much at all.  They focused their artistic efforts not in graphical details but in proportions.


Jaguar XE S 2017
Jaguar XE S 2017


What Meets the Eye

Sensible.The word to describe the general essence of Jaguar XE S with its minimalist approach and no-nonsense design.  However, it does not fall out elegance which is something to be expected on luxury automobiles.  What may be unknown to most of us despite its sleek appearance is its 3787 lbs. weight with its aluminum-intensive structure.



  • Wheelbase : 111.6”
  • Length : 183.9”
  • Width : 72.8”
  • Height : 55.7”
  • Curb weight : 3,787 lbs.



Interior Aspect

You may feel cheerful with the cabin’s bright and pleasant aura.  The cherry-red seats may add in cheering up the confines of the inside but that’s not it.  Apparently, the simple and organize approach is its winning piece.


The spacing is mainly designed for lonely commutes and the flat center console widens the gap between the driver and the one in the passenger seat.  An attempt to pack the sedan may mean bended knees clutched on the chest for back passengers (of course we are exaggerating) but not if you try to get a big, bulky dude at the back.



Under the Hood

Despite the extra pounds of Jaguar XE S, you may be completely surprised with its swiftness and effortless grace on the roads.  With the V6 engine and 8-speed auto gearbox, it will be smooth road-surfing.



  • Engine : Supercharged and Intercooled V6, front placement
  • Transmission : 8-speed automatic with manual shifting mode
  • Drivetrain                 : RWD
  • Power : 340hp
  • Torque : 332 lb.-ft.
  • Mileage : (city) 23 MPG; (highway) 30MPG



Pricing and Release

Jaguar XE S won’t arrive on the thresholds of US dealerships until 2016.  American buyers only have the opportunity to select from the practical 180-hp diesel and the super-charged V6 capable of 340hp (of course, the top choice for speed enthusiasts).


  • Price : starting at $40,000 to $45,000 (as tested)


Jaguar XE S 2017
Jaguar XE S 2017