Jaguar XF 2016

Jaguar XF 2016 – Specifications, Price and Release

For 2016, Jaguar has relived XF with the same looks but with a much better performance.  Just like its namesake, the new XF bears the aggressive aura of one worthy to stay on top of completion under the mid-size luxury cars.



The new car has a blunt nose, more upright side glass and longer tail.  Although it seems that the new model appears longer, it’s just a mirage.  According to the company, XF retained the size of the previous wild cat. For the body work it has the fashionable metal—aluminum body.  It has shed pounds even with the trunk-lid and doors are crafted from steel.


Jaguar XF 2016
Jaguar XF 2016



Modernized and convenient are the perfect words for the Jaguar XF’s cabin.  It includes the highlight of modern panel innovation, the inControlinfotainment system.  The standard version gets the basic navigation functions, audio, home screen and phone access.  You can locate the climate control buttons just right below the touch screen while some audio functions are conveniently situated on the steering wheel.



XF will grace the showrooms next year with engine availability give in the specifications list below.  Starting from the standard engine, expect performance level output and impressive torque.  Asked as why V8 was not even included, Jaguar could only give silence and a smile with a hint of sarcasm.


European units will have the summer tires whereas the American counterparts get the all-season rubber. 


  • Engine Types
    • turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 16-valve diesel inline-4- 180 hp, 317 lb-ft;
    • 0Lsupercharged and intercooled V-6, 340 hp, 332 lb-ft
    • 0L supercharged and intercooled V-6, 380 hp, 332 lb-ft


  • Transmission : 8-speed automatic with manual shifting mode
  • Drivetrain : RWD/ AWD
  • Mileage : (city) 19-30 MPG; (highway)29-41 MPG
  • Base Prices : (XF 20d)estimated $49,000; (XF 35t) $52,895; (XF S) $63,695
Jaguar XF 2016
Jaguar XF 2016