Kia Niro Hybrid 2017

Kia Niro Hybrid 2017 : The Company’s First Dedicated Hybrid

Looking out for a brand-new eco car? There are loads of it nowadays. However, if you’re looking out for a hybrid that’s definitely worth your money, the 2017 Kia Niro Hybrid is a must-have.

Being the joint venture of two Kia branches, the Niro Hybrid Utility Vehicle is their first hybrid car to use their all-new, dedicated eco-car platform. Being the first Kia hybrid, it aims to get Toyota Prius Fans’ attention to become their new customers.

Kia Niro Hybrid 2017
Kia Niro Hybrid 2017


Under the Hood

Being a hybrid, this one has a 1.6-liter four cylinder gasoline engine that runs in 103 horsepower and an electric motor that runs in 43 horsepower. Officially known by the name of Kappa 1.6-liter GDI, the engine is designed for both performance and efficiency. The emissions are also improved via exhaust-heat recovery system, the hybrid’s feature which makes the car’s warm-up faster compared to others.


Kia promises that the driving experience is going to be enjoyable due to its 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The said transmission provides speedy and smooth gear swapping that hybrids with CVTs can’t match. By applying the lessons that they have learned from both Soul EV and Optima Hybrids, they have effectively designed Niro’s regenerative system to blend seamlessly with hydraulic braking.


  • Category : Sub Compact Crossover
  • Engine                 : 1.6-liter Four-cylinder and Electric Motor
  • Transmission : 6-speed dual-clutch automatic
  • Power                 : 103-hp (for engine); 43-hp (for motor)
  • Torque : 195 lb-ft (both)
  • Mileage : 50 mpg (target)
  • Price : TBD
Kia Niro Hybrid 2017
Kia Niro Hybrid 2017