Land Rover LR4 2015

Land Rover LR4 2015 Review, Specifications and Price

It no secret for folks and consumers that Land Rover brings in the best deals one can ever imagine in cars.  From premium equipments and cabins, passengers experience leisure and speed. The 2015 Land Rover LR4 offers just the same comforts within the confines of the vehicle itself. For drivers out there who would take no notice to shed few grand for a deal of speed, style and comfort, LR4 might just be for you.

Land Rover LR4 2015
Land Rover LR4 2015




The boxy car exudes aura of premium speed and expensiveness, something that’s too ‘Land Rover.’ While there’s an argument for appreciation of the rear window, the front offers oozing pride as the company name graces the mid-front (just above the honeycomb grille) all in caps.  You might find difficulty parking the Safari-chic carriage but Land Rover has promised that such lines will soon fade away, bringing sleeker designs in the future.




A confined space for driver and front-passenger seats still greet you, while the roomier space for the back passengers is quite a joy for back relaxers.  Conservative leather dashboard are opulent wooden trims are yet present but the center consoles and other gizmos make up for the contemporary twist.



Engine, Transmission and Mileage

  You can’t be put to shame with the performance of LR4 on the roads.   Though you are sure to experience a front-face dive once you put a hasty brake, but that is due to the tire height (as you can also experience with other tall cars).  What’s really cool about this model is that it is fully equipped with off-road electronics modes like Terrain Response suited for “mud and ruts” and the safari mode, “sand and dunes.”


  • Engine : 3.0L Supercharged V6 engine
  • Transmission : 8-speed automatic
  • Torque : 332 lb-ft.
  • Power : 340hp
  • Top Speed : 265mph
  • Mileage : (highway) 13mpg


Land Rover LR4 2015
Land Rover LR4 2015



 Surmise to say, LR4 have not lost its high-end touch in all angles.  However, considering the wild-spending mileage and the huge grand of $66, 675 it would cost you on your bank account, it is not really something to be recommended for everyone to have.