Lexus RX 2016

Lexus RX 2016 : Edgier and Mean-looking Classy Road Beast

Historically, RX is Lexus’ best -selling model and for this year, we get to marvel at the edgier and sportier RX on the road.  We can simply depict it as a mean-looking yet classy road beast on the loose.  In competition with the big, bad boys of the European car industry it officially places itself among the likes of Porsche Macan S, BMW X3 and Mercedes Benz GLC Class.


Lexus RX 2016
Lexus RX 2016


Glaring Beast

We can see all the acute angles and slanted rides all over the façade of RX.  The nose itself got a dramatically pinched grille so obvious that it is almost disturbing but in not in a terrible kind of way. Taillights, low beams and high beams all LEDs and wheels are available in 20-inch size.


Inside the Beast

Quite astonishing is the lack of hard plastic in the cabin and is replaced by contrast stitching in red and dark brown.  You also get a standard 8-inch screen but just add a couple of bucks and you can customize into the 12-inch variant.



Effortless driving can be experienced with the 3.5L V6 that is available in 3 main trims.  But as nothing is perfect, one may notice the smooth ride comes to an end on lumpy surfaces.  Lexus retained its 8-speed automatic gearbox but enhanced it with manual shifting mode.


  • Engine Types
    • 5L Atkinson-capable V-6 – 295hp, 267 lb.-ft.
    • 5L Atkinson-cycle V-6 – 259hp, 247 lb.-ft. with AC electric motor (165hp), nickel-metal-hydride battery pack (combined power rating: 308hp)
    • 5L Atkinson-cycle V-6 – 259hp, 247 lb.-ft. with 2 AC electric motors (165hp + 67hp), nickel-metal-hydride battery pack, (combined power rating: 308hp)


  • Transmission :8-speed automatic with manual shifting mode, continuously variable automatic
  • Drivetrain : FWD/ AWD
  • Mileage : (city) 19-31 MPG; (highway) 26-30 MPG
  • Base Price : estimated $41,000-$55,000


Lexus RX 2016
Lexus RX 2016