Lexus RX 450h Now Available in India

Last March 24, Lexus (a luxury car brand presently owned by Toyota) had begun its operation in India by releasing its RX 450h crossover. Released along with their ES300h sedan, the RX 450h crossover comes with a hybrid powertrain and other great features that are expected upon its arrival. Being a flagship model in India, the crossover is revealed to be just the beginning for the company’s plan to dominate the country’s automobile market.

Lexus RX 450h
Lexus RX 450h


Being one of the models that clearly define the brand’s image, the RX 450h crossover is said to be a successful hybrid, which will make it very popular among the others in the crossover segment. Its design and architecture is also a plus for its instant popularity, car experts said. This is due to its x-shaped front grille, sharp headlamps and flanks. The windows are also futuristic in an elegant way along with its floating roof design.


Having the standard size for medium to large SUVs, the RX 450h is said to offer a bigger room for a family of five persons in addition to its trunk space. Looking at the interior, it is revealed that its design also incorporates a futuristic thought. Even though it looks sporty, its cabin is designed with high quality leather and wood combination. This is definitely a plus for those who are looking forward to a comfortable drive.


Looking under the hood, it is amazing to know that it is powered by a 3.5-litre V6 VVT-I petrol engine and an electric motor. After testing one out, experts have revealed that the crossover’s hybrid engine is capable of exerting at least 304 British horsepower. However, its 0-100 kmph acceleration is somewhat average, measuring up to 7.8 seconds.


Being the most successful hybrid up to date, the Lexus RX 450h is gaining popularity among those who wants to drive a hybrid without compromising its style and elegance. As of now, the crossover’s starting price in Delhi is revealed to be at least 1.25 Crore or Rs. 10,250,000. In addition to its futuristic style, the crossover also offers lots of useful features that will ensure the safety of its driver and passengers, starting from headlights up to its wheels and brakes. And since it is a luxury brand, better expect that it is also going to offer a lot more as a premium feature.


Lexus RX 450h
Lexus RX 450h