mahindra scorpio 2014

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Mahindra has been providing India with its Scorpio SUV collection for more than a decade, doing renovations from time to time again.  The quality provided by Mahindra and its Scorpio editions within 12 years of supplying satisfaction and catering to the taste of most Indians, has given them brand name and elevated platform over among SUVs in the country. In some states, Mahindra Scorpio is very much preferred over other SUVs. It is almost equated to quality and style that many covet.


mahindra scorpio 2014
mahindra scorpio 2014


September 25th marks the day of the new unveiling of Mahindra Scorpio’s new facelift.  So far, the 2014 face raises up the notch for engine upgrades and style spruce ups.


Exterior Projection

Mahindra Scorpio’s front grille and rear door was an inspiration from XUV500.  Mahindra managed to retain its overall makeup despite the claim that it had only retained door and roof features from the precedent Scorpio. However, the look of the Scorpio 2014 holds fierceness that its precedents failed to emit.  The chrome-colored grille highlights an extraordinary hexagonal design in contrast to the normal slants with added smaller inserts. Headlights compliment the grille, with the projector lights and parking lamps that look similarly as LED brows depicting an all-manly look of male sophistication.  In addition to these, the hood and functional scoop are based on the basic design of the grille pattern.


A little bit disappointing though for the four wheels now in its 17-inch edition, and has failed to portray the SUV look, but compensates as each suit to fit the curves. The window shapes wear angular projection.  The rear defogger grids are also the same… all are fittingly edgy and masculine.


Interior Makeup

Upholsteries in the new Scorpio 2014 indicate the mindful enterprising of the exterior and interior. It accommodates a dual-tone dashboard, bearing modern instrument clusters and prides an automatic climate control. Whilst the instrument clusters displays ultramodern blueprint and exposes a digital-center screen with gear indicator, it still uses analogue meters.  An appealing contrast, I must say.   The dashboard also highlights center console holding the touch screen infotainment system. However, even though the interior offers a lot of leg comfort because of ample spaces, it lacks the storage compartments that should be practically present.  Also, the power window buttons were also relocated to the doors.


Engine and Performance

Disappointingly, Mahindra concentrated to merely skin-deep touches. The engines weren’t improved to suit the new features.  It produces 120PS at 4,000rpm and a maximum torque of 280Nm brought between 1,800rpm and 2,800rpm.  The Scorpio is extended into six various alternatives: S2, S4, S6, S6+, S8 and S10, with S2 exposing m2DICR 2.5-litre engine and the others 2.2-litre mHawk diesel.


As consolation though, gearshifts are more efficient, providing lesser effort at the part of the driver. The 4WD model introduces a new swing on fly system that makes fastening between 2WD and 4WD mode possible without bringing the SUV to an abrupt, total halt.


mahindra scorpio 2014
mahindra scorpio 2014


Steering system includes a modern collapsible system.  Driving over manholes and rough surfaces are not problems any longer. But the driving position should be noted for future renovation. While everything seems smooth, the posture of the man behind the wheel should also be taken care of.


Bottom line

Mahindra Scorpio 2014 offers sophistication and a new driving experience.  Although price starts at Rs 7.98 lakh, it is indeed one good investment for anyone who wants a great driving experience met and fulfilled.


mahindra scorpio 2014
mahindra scorpio 2014