Maruti new diesel car

Maruti new diesel car with 30km/ltr mileage

Every other brand keeps launching new cars with new features.  The most popular among the lot is Maruti.  It has been popular in the market from a long time and it is one of the oldest brand in India.  Maruti has attained so much of goodwill because their cars perform well and the maintenance for the same is quite less compared to the other brands.  When the public comes to know that they are launching a new car which is run by diesel and gives a better mileage then obviously the crowd will be curious to find out when and what does the car look like.

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With the petrol price giving a run for its money, many prefer having a diesel vehicle.  It is one of the wise moves by Maruti in getting a small segment car under the diesel league.  This company will be the first one to launch a diesel car under 800CC segment.  The difficult task will be for the engine to work well and this will be part that the engineers will have to work on the most.  This car might be launched next year sometime.

Maruti new diesel car
Maruti new diesel car


Voila! Now enjoy the small segment family car under the diesel segment.  For anyone who is planning to buy a vehicle mileage is of utmost importance.  A car which will give 30km/ltr mileage then it is definitely a wow! factor.  A small car, diesel engine and a great mileage, this itself will attract customers and they would want to buy this car and Maruti has always launched best cars which have given extremely good service to the takers.  So, yes the competition does increase with its launch.


Maruti new diesel car
Maruti new diesel car


Keep the family happy by purchasing a new car, let your pocked not feel the pinch as the car gives a good mileage and this way one can enjoy long drives with family and friends.  Explore new places because of the car and ensure that there is safety and economy in the purchase.  What more does one want?  All good features in to one makes the car a best buy.