Mazda RX Vision Concept

Mazda RX Vision Concept : Welcoming Back Rotary Engines

Japanese Mazda did not waste any time after info leakage regarding their sports car concept reviving the rotary engine spread like wildfire.  In less than 24 hours, they unveiled their official confirmation in the concept of RX-Vision.


Mazda RX Vision Concept
Mazda RX Vision Concept


RX-Vision falls under the sports car segment exhibiting coupe features, RWD and front rotary engine.  This gorgeous piece of an automobile can melt the heart of any aesthete.  It bears the dimensions of 172.8 inches in length, 75.8 inches in width, and 45.7 inches in height with 20-inch ebony coated wheels. Mazda concocted a special hue of red that flatters the light and shadow in every contour of RX-Vision. According to its maker, it utterly embodies Mazda’s very own Kodo design language.


Despite the oozing hotness of Kodo design, the limelight really falls over the Skyactiv-R rotary engine that signals the come-back of rotary engines.  Mazda was quick to explain that without the compact dimensions of the rotary engine, the car’s gracefully sensuous hoodline would be most unlikely.  The engine is also anticipated to be partnered with manual transmission sans clutch pedal.


Rotary engines are known for their extreme power contained in a compact yet lightweight box with few moving parts compared to piston engines.  However, it has three known pitfalls— poor fuel efficiency, poor emissions and poor reliability.  These may be a great challenge for Mazda engineers but the company glows in positive energy when it comes to this matter.


As quoted during the company’s press release, “RX-Vision represents a vision of the future that Mazda hopes to one day make into reality.” And for this amazingly conceptualized roadster, we put our hopes that one day it would occupy a place in the roster of top-notch sports cars.


Mazda RX Vision Concept
Mazda RX Vision Concept