McLaren F1 Supercar

McLaren F1 Supercar Review, Specification, Price and Release

The British car manufacture, McLaren has amazed the world when it produced its supercar in the body of F1 (Formula-1) way back in the 1990’s.  F1 doubled its popularity as Mr. Bean’s car since the actor playing the role of Mr. Bean, Sir Rowan Atkinson, brought his dark-purple F1 model into crash not once but twice!  Other than the news about Sir Rowan, F1 has been sensationalized through the official statement released by its maker by including it in the list of unreachable cars for mere road-testers.

McLaren F1 Supercar
McLaren F1 Supercar



                Whose design oozes the aura of meanest speed at first glance? Only McLaren F1 can do this and most of us can just drool over this speedster.  Dihedral doors (the flip-up style) extraordinaire greet lucky passengers and driver alike as it welcome them inside.  F1’s carbonfire safety shell and modern four-point harness are not simply for us to ogle but serve as protective measure as well.  Now that’s a perfect blend for class with concealed practicality underneath.



                F1 is no ordinary car as it exposes a central driver seat with passengers at both sides of the wheel-handler.  And speaking of luggage-slash-baggage, well they have to find themselves deposited at the back of both passenger seats. Carpet and leather works are but of the outmost premium quality only.


Engine and Transmission

                When they say that F1 is a supercar, it was just mere understatement.  This McLaren can bring you up to the moon with its power, speed and velocity combined!  Anyway, just for thought, you cannot just legally speed away on roads and highways with this one.  F1 speed is exclusively for racetrack or autobahn only.


  • Engine : 6.1-liter, V12 engine
  • Transmission : Rear wheel drive, manual
  • Torque : 479lb ft
  • Power : 627bhp at 7400rpm
  • Top Speed : 388kmph



And we wouldn’t be surprised if McLaren has put Formula-1 with a luxurious price tag of $815,000, wouldn’t we?



  Sir Rowan Atkinson is now selling his twice-crushed—but uber-popular—McLaren F1 for a whooping price of £8,000,000! That is actually, £2.6M over than its original price way back in 1997.

McLaren F1 Supercar
McLaren F1 Supercar