Mercedes Benz C-class Coupe

Mercedes Benz C-class Coupe 2017 : Glimpses and Details

If you are looking for a car with classic proportions together with the aura of class and power, you might as well consider the 2017 model of Mercedes Benz C-class Coupe.  Not only it was enhanced by the timely LED lights, ebony grille and athletic machinery, but the coupe is the materialization of your dream car.


Mercedes Benz C-class Coupe
Mercedes Benz C-class Coupe



Framework and Interior Designs

It could have been easier for Mercedes Benz just to upgrade its C-Class coupe with a few enhancements.  They can just sit back, relax and let the money come in since their brand says something just to keep the cash flowing right into their company. But that’s not the case of this legendary carmaker.  For them, binging in the next level of technology on their cars comes as top priority.


Having said it, the Mercedes Benz now introduces the 2017 model with sensual lines, comfortable confines and sportier platform.  The steering has been calibrated for the refinement of driving dynamics. There will also be optional forged aluminum wheels and carbon-ceramic brakes to diminish unsprung weight.


The interior is very driver and front passenger friendly with the rear seat coming as—shall we say—an emergency option.  Ultimately, the materials come only as premium and the Burmester stereo system comes as a part of the customization details.



Release and Pricing

The C-Class Coupe will grace the U.S. market early next spring.  Pricing and further info will be released near that time.




  • Category : Sedan (coupe)
  • Engine
    • (C300) 2.0L turbo four cylinder, 241hp, 273 lb.-ft.
    • (C400) 3.0L turbo V6, 329hp, 354 lb.-ft.
    • (C450-AMG) 4.0L twin turbo-charged V8, 469hp


  • Transmission : 7-speed automatic (standard)
  • Drivetrain : RWD (standard)/ AWD (option)
  • Price : (estimate only) starting at $40,000
Mercedes Benz C-class Coupe
Mercedes Benz C-class Coupe