Mercedes Benz E Class 2017

Mercedes Benz E Class 2017 – Specifications, Price and Release

Mercedes-Benz E-class remains as the most comfortable sedan in its class up to this date, and this remains the same with the 2017 model.  On the challenging U.S. roads, the ability of Mercedes-Benz E-class is deemed to be flawless.  According to the tests, there are no creaks or rattles during the test drive.


Mercedes Benz E Class 2017
Mercedes Benz E Class 2017



The 2017 E-class model greatly resembles its smaller C-class sibling.  There are rounded features               with small tail lights, with big and wide headlights endowed with LED strips for the daytime running lights.  Besides that, the upcoming E-class will also have 19- to 20-inch wheels.   It also gets the classic chrome grille with 3-pointed star hood decoration.



The interior materials consist of aluminum (or wood) and leather for the base model. The standard gauge sports 3D dials within a chrome arch and comes with Burmester audio system.  The seats can also be modified with massage options.  Other than that, there will be a choice for optional instrumentation with configurable touchscreen display.  Overall, it is very close to the opulence that the topper S-class offers.


Under the Hood

2017 E-class will offer wide options for gasoline and diesel engines worldwide, though options will be somehow limited in the United States.  Availability ranges from E300, E450 AMG Sport and the uber-powerful Mercedes-AMG E63 S (capable of 600hp).  The company also plans to offer plug-in hybrid and diesel versions.



  • Category : Mid-size luxury car
  • Engine
    • E300 (U.S. spec) : 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder
    • E400 (European spec : twin-turbocharged V6


  • Transmission : 8- or 9-speed automatic (probability)
  • Drivetrain : 4MATIC AWD
  • Power : 240- 270hp (estimated for the 4-cylinder; 350hp (estimated for V6)
  • 0-60 mph : 6.5 seconds
  • Top Speed : 120-155 mph
  • Price : starting at $52,000 (estimated)


Mercedes Benz E Class 2017
Mercedes Benz E Class 2017