Mercedes Benz GLS class 2017

Mercedes Benz GLS class 2017 : Refreshed and Renamed M-B Giant

Mercedes Benz made great efforts in revamping their G-class model. The company also renamed as 2017 Mercedes-Benz GL-class to wrap up its latest classification scheme encompassing all their cross-overs and SUV.  The class starts with GL and ends with a letter, pointing out the size of the vehicle.  In this case, S pertains to the largest cars within the bracket, but that doesn’t just end there.

Mercedes Benz GLS class 2017
Mercedes Benz GLS class 2017




Little is refurbished in GLS which includes the slender headlamps (reminiscent of those from GLS’ smaller kins), refreshed bumpers and the trendy LED tail lamps. The vehicle keeps its Brobdingnagian proportions, meaning: you can still see ‘plus’ (+) size charm here.  On the other hand, prospective clients can also opt for a Sport package which simply means that they can get a sleeker and more aggressive-looking car though it wouldn’t be in the cut of AMG GLS63.



For 2017, MB brought the latest COMAND infotainment screen right onto the dashboard shows-off an impressive suspended-tablet effect.  It comes with the neatly organized new instrument panel, three-spoke steering wheel and center console which bespeak high-definition class.  Noted as well, are the standard three full-row seats for all GLS models.



Mercedes-Benz gave the 2017 GLS noteworthy changes like adaptive damping options located on the standard air suspension.  It also comes with several selectable modes that can be customized to suit your preferences.


Technology-wise, GLS provides enough upgrades for safety system that includes forward collision warning with automatic braking.  Present as well is the attention assistance that immediately recognizes drowsy driving performance.  GLS also gives optimal brake pressure in case of emergency braking.  However, if you want more of the cool safety stuff, then you can always drop a few bucks for add-ons.  Select from blind spot monitoring, cross-traffic detection, active lane-keep assist, Magic Vision Control and Active Curve System.



Interested buyers place their order as soon as December but the US deliveries won’t be taking place until late March of next year (2016).  There’s no info yet about UK and Australian markets but we are hoping that Mercedes-Benz would fill in the details soon.



  • Category : 3-row luxury crossover and SUV
  • Engine :
    • 0L six-cylinder gasoline
    • 0L six-cylinder diesel
    • 7L turbocharged eight-cylinder
    • 5L eight-cylinder, 577hp


  • Transmission : 7-speed or 9-speed automatic (+ optional Off-Road Engineering package)
  • Release : late March, 2016
  • Price : to be decided
Mercedes Benz GLS class 2017
Mercedes Benz GLS class 2017