Mercedes Benz GLT 2019

Mercedes Benz GLT 2019 : A Pickup Truck to Suit Modernity

The head of commercial vehicles division for Mercedes Benz directly informed the media of the upcoming midsize pickup truck that will bear the GLT moniker.  No, the brand won’t be fitting a bulky set in the likes of RAM 1500, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F-150 but a much smaller counterpart that will be targeted to the African, Middle East and Latin American markets by 2018.


Additionally, don’t get surprised if you heard about the joint venture of MB and Nissan to produce this 2019 vision.  The two companies will be working on various parts such as the body structure, ladder frame and axles.  Whereas, the exterior and interior components plusthe engine will all be exclusive to Mercedes Benz.


Mercedes Benz GLT 2019
Mercedes Benz GLT 2019


What to Expect

We’re dealing with Mercedes Benz here, the carmaker for the opulent crowd.  As illustrated, the carmaker plans for a much smaller mid-size truck with handsome chrome grille proudly wearing the brand’s insignia.  It will be endowed with mean-looking headlights (LEDs most probably) and completed with fog lights.  Surprisingly, it comes as an exclusive 4-door vehicle fully gifted with premium materials, the best on its league.


Expect Grade- A connectivity together with classy fit and elegantly stylish finish for this babe.  You are also permitted to speculate on the electric rear window as a substitute to the overrated sunroof.  Add the little details such as tall tailgates locked in either 90⁰ or 180⁰ angle; various cabin configurations; and instrument panel as seen in GLE and GLC models.



  • Engine : not yet specified but 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder in diesel and gasoline trims
  • Transmission : 6-speed manual and/or 7-speed automatic
  • Drivetrain : RWD and/or AWD (4MATIC) variants
  • Price : base of $30,000 (as the most affordable estimated price)