Mercedes Maybach S600

Mercedes Maybach S600 2016 Specifications, Price and Release

If you’re a passenger and have been ordered to ‘sit back and relax,’ do you know every sense of the word?

The once lost cause Mayback is back with vengeance this time to lure the sinfully opulent crowd into its comfortable confines.  While luxurious speedsters are made to zoom on the roads, you might take a double for Mayback S600 as it was designed to enjoy the trip and well… really indulge the rear passenger seats.  To be able to do that—though—you need a help in the hands of a skilled chauffeur.

Mercedes Maybach S600
Mercedes Maybach S600


Exterior and Interior

2016 Mercedes-Mayback S600 rivals in every sense of luxurious words with the likes of Rolls-Royce and Bentley.  Every curve, angle and skin portion exudes richness of the S-Class vehicles.


Starting off with the C-pillars, it is decorated with Mayback interlaced-M logo while the optional 20-inch forged wheels can dazzle your with day lights even if it means you go blind in the process.  Additionally, the B-pillar and side glasses bear extra shimmer for that glamorous effect.


Not to be sidetracked by the exterior components only, the interior holds the true essence of this vehicle.  Every inch holds the luxury and comfort a magnate or tycoon needs after a day’s headache and brain cell consuming corporate strategies.  You will fall in love with the Mayback-branded Champage flutes (costs $3,200), optional refrigerator, the fabulously engineered folding, pop up tray tables where you can easily put your laptop when you feel like working on the road.


Every inch of the seat and floor reeks with softness and comfort.  Legroom stretches miles away and can render you stretching and sleeping eventually.  Ah, the true essence of luxury, comfort and style while strolling the plain old streets.

Mercedes Maybach S600
Mercedes Maybach S600


Engine, Transmission and Price

Not to be deceived by the laid back attitude of the passengers, the car can rev up to 60mph in mere 5 seconds.  The power lurking beneath the expensive wood is the 6.0Ltwinturbo V12 engine that can summon 532 of horsepower and 612 lb-ft of torque.  Running late for a corporate meeting, no worries… sit comfortably and your chauffeur can drive away even to compete with the decent speedsters.


  • Engine : 6.0L twinturbo V12
  • Transmission : 7-speed automatic
  • Power : 532 hp
  • Torque : 612 lb-ft.
  • Mileage : (city) 13 MPG, (highway) 20 MPG, (combined) 15 MPG
  • Price : $ 203, 635 as tested