Mitsubishi Outlander Consumer 2015 – Specifications, Price and Release


It is the time for Crossovers to shine this time.  Hence, car manufacturers are taking this great opportunity to give the public their own versions and designs of the breed, making the competition even tougher.  With the Toyota and Honda Crossover lines to dominate the pack, where does Mitsubishi stand?  So let’s take a look on what Mitsubishi’s Outlander has to offer.

Mitsubishi Outlander Consumer 2015
Mitsubishi Outlander Consumer 2015



They say simplicity works best and with Outlander’s simple exteriors with less extravagant show of lines and edges, or curves and roundness, the crossover is a perfect definition of cleanness.  The Outlander might not make it in terms of fashion but surely the inside can come up with something better.



Outlander’s spacy—very spacy—interior provides more than enough legroom for the driver and passengers alike.  Mitsubishi made it sure that it provides comfort and right amount of sturdiness for the seats as it incorporated premium leather for them.  Center console displays the navigation system that might took you a while to comprehend but can be quite useful upon mastery.

Mitsubishi Outlander Consumer 2015
Mitsubishi Outlander Consumer 2015



Engine and Transmission

Best component for the crossover is that it can be purchased in two different engines.  The more powerful one is the 3.0L V6 model that can come up with 224hp and 215 lb-ft. torque.  The lesser one bears the 2.4L four-cylinder standard engine.  V6 engine works best with the 6-speed auto transmission and Mitsubishi’s very own S-AWC or super all-wheel control drive system.


  • Engine/s : (1) 2.4L standard, 4-cylinder

(2) 3.0L V6


Based on the V6 engine

  • Transmission : 6-speed automatic, super all-wheel control drive
  • Power : 224hp
  • Torque : 215 lb-ft.
  • Mileage : (city) 20 MPG; (highway) 28 MPG



Soft suspension set up with quick-stop Forward Collision Mitigation System are a great plus for Mitsubishi Outlander.  However, as price ranges from $27,488- $35,145, it might be proper for the vehicle manufacturer to update the blind spot monitoring of the vehicle.  Overall, Mitsubishi Outlander is an awesome crossover to drive.

Mitsubishi Outlander Consumer 2015
Mitsubishi Outlander Consumer 2015




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