Nissan IDS Concept : Autonomous Car and an EV all the Same

During the 2015 Tokyo auto show, Nissan’s IDS concept surely made an enormous impression.  Exhibiting qualities of both autonomous car and an electric vehicle, complete with intelligence of the IDS (Intelligence Driving System), one can feel a punch in the gut.  Don’t get us wrong, we mean it in the good kind of way.


Nissan IDS Concept
Nissan IDS Concept


The IDS is the core of Nissan’s concept and was given the name, Piloted Drive for its autonomous-driving setup.  It will be launched in two phases—Piloted Drive 1.0 and Piloted Drive 2.0.  The first was designed for single-lane driving, observing sub-highway speed limits.  It will be offered first in the Japanese market next year before rolling out into Chinese, U.S., and European shores.  Meanwhile, Piloted 2.0 can handle multiple lanes, can observe highway speeds and is smart enough to analyze merging and changing lanes.  The IDS global settlement will be completed by the year 2020 according to Nissan’s CEO Carlos Ghosn.


Getting a close observation to the model car, you can easily note four individual seats which are angled towards the center that conveys facilitation of group conversation.  However, this is not the highlighted physical aspect of the car but the uber-impressive retractable steering wheel designed just like an aircraft’s yoke.  If the yoke failed to make you shout, “Amazing!”, then the wide touchscreen that almost substitutes the dashboard will make you to.  The cabin itself is illuminated by the relaxing soft light, instigating conversation in a much friendlier plane.


Now, if you are thinking that this concept embodies snobbish elite, then you got it wrong.  The car can communicate with the outside world, too, through the display placed at the base of its windshield.  It can flash messages to pedestrians and other vehicles like, “After you,” to the crossing pedestrians; or “Me first”; or a rather blunt “Get out of my way.”


Physically, IDS is a four-door hatchback with suicide doors.  You will find it void of B-Pillars and that the roof is mostly made of glass with carbon fiber body standing 54 inches tall.  It also houses a 60-kWh battery deemed to be twice more potent than that of Leaf’s.

Nissan IDS concept
Nissan IDS concept