Normal vs. Power Steering

Normal vs. Power Steering : What’s the Difference?

If you have driven different types of cars or any other vehicles, you must have already noticed that some vehicles need more force when you’re steering while some don’t. Depending on what vehicle you are driving, the steering can either be difficult or not.


Nowadays, steering systems really makes the difference in driving. Old cars require more force when steering due to the fact that they are using the manual steering system. As of present, most vehicles now use the power steering system which makes driving more bearable, if not convenient.

 Normal vs. Power Steering
Normal vs. Power Steering


So what’s the difference between these two systems? If you’re that curious, kindly read this one.


  1. Manual or Normal Steering System – This is the original system that was made for older cars. Manual steering requires more driver strength if you want to move the car to your desired direction. Types of manual steering systems depend on the kind of mechanism where the steering wheel is connected to. If your car’s steering wheel is connected to a rack-and-pinion mechanism, then it is called by that name. Other types include Worm and Sector, Worm and Nut, Cam and Lever and Worm and Roller.


  1. Power Steering System – Power steering, on the other hand, is an improved version of Manual or Normal steering system. What makes the difference is the fact that power steering components are added to the system in order to make steering easier. These components include a power steering fluid reservoir, power steering pump and a steering gear box.