Porsche Panamera 2015

Porsche Panamera 2015 Price, Review, Specification, Release Date

Venturing to a higher plane, Porsche which has been one of the leading car manufacturers of this planet, has finally produced a high-end, posh sports sedan in the image of the 2015 Panamera S E-Hybrid.  At 2009, the first generation Panamera garnered quick sales for the company.  With its promise, Porshe then decided to push more limits and has come up with the plan for an E-Hybrid class.  Panamera then went to revolutionary revamping and is finally groomed to be a worthy top-tier E-Hybrid.


Panamera’s revamped image is now a plug-in hybrid cut from the technology of 918 grand tourer. However, Panamera has been dismissed as a failed beauty amongst the upscale throng of sleek models.  With awkward dimensions, the seemingly cumbersome hatchback has fallen short of praises.  Even so, it has been wheeled with 20 inch alloy wheels against the standard 18.  Besides, the interior is carefully designed for the ease and confidence of both passenger and handler. One can immediately note the three premium elements of the posh beige-brown themed interior with leather, metal and glossed trims. The four seats exhibit impeccable seams and the center console exposes different toggle and temperature control buttons forecasting futuristic jet fighter resemblance.

Porsche Panamera 2015
Porsche Panamera 2015


It is pronounced how Panamera is powered. However, Panamera S’s 3L V6 battery is turbocharged with a supercharger which translates energy to 330hp coupled with 325 pound-feet torque.  Additionally, due to its E-hybrid structure, Panamera bears a Li-on battery pack (like in mobile handsets) and electric motor hybrids. When both batteries are fully charged, they gain a total of 415 hp and 435 pound-feet torque at 180mph.


Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid’s price digits soar up to USD 130, 335 after extra touches for customization.  The Porshe babe is expected to compete against the Mercedes Benz flagship, S-Class and BMW Active Hybrid-7 by next year.


Porsche Panamera 2015
Porsche Panamera 2015

 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Specs

  • Dimensions : (L) 197”; (W) 76”; (H) 56”; (WB) 115”
  • Engine : 6 cylinders of 3L V6
  • Transmission : Triptonic S, 8-speed
  • Horsepower : (combustion engine) 330hp + (electric motor) 85hp = 415 hp at 1250-4000 rpm
  • Torque : (combustion engine) 325lb.ft. + (electric motor) 110lb.ft. = 435lb.ft.
  • Top Speed : 180mph
  • Mileage               : 50 MPGe