Renault Duster 2016

Renault Duster 2016: French SUV is Now Available in Automatic Transmission

To those who didn’t know, Renault was the first company to introduce compact SUVs to India, along with other car options during that time. Experts have noticed that so far, at least 32 car upgrades and changes have been made to their latest compact SUV, the 2016 Duster, during its showroom in New Delhi last time. Even though the Duster’s overhaul when it comes to cosmetics isn’t that comprehensive, it is somewhat very convenient to know that when it comes to mechanical viewpoint, the Duster has greatly improved.

Renault Duster 2016
Renault Duster 2016


Under the Hood

Featuring a 4-cylinder inline engine that comes in Petrol or Diesel Versions, the Renault Duster is now available in automatic transmission. It is very interesting to know that, just like before, Renault offers this compact SUV in four different versions, namely the Petrol MT, Diesel MT 84 PS, Diesel AT 108 PS and Diesel MT 108 PS. Be informed also that the engine’s power, torque and mileage varies depending on the SUV version.


Exterior and Interior

Just as mentioned earlier, at least 32 changes and upgrades have been made in the Duster so far. It is noticeable that the Duster has a new front grille along with a set of very edgy headlights. A solid premium atmosphere is also felt because of the central console’s black design finish. However, it is also remarkable that the past Renault’s SUV advantages are also maintained here, as noticed in its seat and cabin space. Power steering and Windows are available in all four versions, therefore ensuring safe and comfortable travel for you and your family.

  • Category : Compact SUV
  • Engine : 4-cylinder inline
  • Transmission : 5 or 6-speed manual or automatic
  • Drivetrain : 2WD or AWD
  • Power : 103 bhp @ 5750 rpm for Petrol MT; 84 bhp @ 3750 rpm for Diesel MT 84 PS;

108 bhp @ 4000 rpm for both Diesel AT and MT 108 PS

  • Torque : 148 Nm @ 3750 rpm for Petrol MT; 200 Nm @ 1750 rpm for Diesel MT 84 PS;

245 Nm @ 1750 rpm for both Diesel AT and MT 108 PS

  • Mileage : 13.06 Kmpl for Petrol MT; 19.87 Kmpl for Diesel MT 84 PS; 19.72 Kmpl for

Diesel AT 108 PS; 19.60 Kmpl for Diesel MT 108 PS

  • Price : Rs. 8.56 – 13.57 Lakh


Renault Duster 2016
Renault Duster 2016


Renault Duster 2016
Renault Duster 2016