Scion iA 2016

Scion iA 2016 – Specifications, Price and Release

The 2016 model of Scion’s iA may be a cute, little car but it exudes enough greatness for a sedan version of Mazda 2.  Many had noticed that it’s a mere rebadge of Mazda 2 and the iA component is the only factor that brings the vehicle excitement.  Add to that is the snub nose factor at the fascia of Hiroshima’s little auto.

Scion iA 2016
Scion iA 2016


Anyway, before we get too prejudiced of this Scion iA, why don’t we let its specifications speak for the car itself?


Exterior and Interior

The awkward-looking front bumper with its hexagonal grille is blatantly prominent down front, renders effect of a sniffing four-legged creature. The hood and headlamps were originally from Mazda’s as with almost the rest of the components, save for the ‘soft parts’ such as the grille and bumper.


Taking you to the interior, you can pretty much say that it’s still a Mazda 2 with compact style and technology of Mazda 3.  Despite this, the 7” stand-up infotainment screen, motorcycle-inspired gauge cluster, steering wheel and iDrive-type control dial are refreshing to the eyes and very practical for the taste.  Substancially, Scion endowed the seats with upholstery colors of black with blue highlights.


Engine, Transmission and Price

Still from its original, Scion iA gets the 1.5L Skyactiv-G four-cylinder engine partnered with a 6-speed manual transmission.  However, driving the car is a reminiscent of Toyota rather than Mazda.  This is from a fact that Toyota has greatly influenced the engineering of Mazda 2.    Uphill acceleration might be difficult for your diminutive automobile but the drive around the town is decent enough.


  • Engine : 1.5L Skyactiv-G four-cylinder, front placement
  • Transmission : 6-speed manual
  • Drivetrain : Front-wheel drive
  • Power : 106hp
  • Torque : 103 lb-ft.
  • Mileage : (city) 31MPG; (highway) 41MPG
  • Price : starting at $16,495
Scion iA 2016
Scion iA 2016