How to Secure your Own Car by Using an Aluminum Foil

How to Secure your Own Car by Using an Aluminum Foil

Nowadays, unlocking your car is actually very convenient, thanks to the latest wireless and keyless unlocking technologies that are available today. The latest car models can allow its driver to unlock its doors and disable the security just by using the key fob that is provided along with the car. And just by taking those key fobs close to the car itself, its engine might even start without any kind of user intervention. And whether you accept it or not, this is what technological advancement means nowadays.

How to Secure your Own Car by Using an Aluminum Foil

However, if you think that because your car is completely secure because of this available technology, you’re definitely wrong. Let us inform you that burglary and stealing had also gone digital, and it also involves stealing cars. You can just say that retrieving your stolen car is now possible due to GPS tracking technology that is provided along with the car. However, there’s definitely no doubt that your car getting stolen can be very frustrating, especially if the police isn’t competitive enough.


Possibilities of latest car models getting stolen are actually high

To those who didn’t know, the popular security system provided by Megamos Crypto can be compromised. Since everything has gone wireless, hackers can easily compromise your car’s security system just by using various software to imitate and intercept your car fob’s signal. Since the car only needs the same signal and the unlocking key, chances are that the unlocking can be done a few meters away from the car. Who of you will think that a person busy tapping out his laptop’s keyboard in front of a restaurant is actually a hacker trying out to unlock your car while sitting there and sipping a cup of coffee?


Using Aluminum Foils as additional Car Security

Nowadays, products that block a car fob’s signal are being sold online. These signal-blocking products usually come in the form of wallet or pouches and are sold in stores. However, since these pouches usually come at a price, chances are that you can’t easily afford it. If this is your case, using aluminum foils and wrapping your car fob with it will definitely do the same trick. Just get yourself a sheet of aluminum foil and wrap your key fobs with it. Make sure that you cover the key fob completely in order to make sure that no signal comes out.

And if you still don’t have the means to buy aluminum foils but you have a car bearing the latest technology well, shame on you.