Tesla Model S 2017

Tesla Model S 2017 Gets a New Look

We all know that Tesla Model S has undergone a series of minor updates in its cars for the past few years. Since five years ago, the Tesla Model S cars don’t seem to change when it comes to its looks. That’s the reason why most car enthusiasts don’t usually see major differences, unless they test drive it.

Tesla Model S 2017
Tesla Model S 2017

However, the 2017 Tesla Model S is an exemption to the rule: the long-time faux front grille is definitely gone. Instead, it has been replaced with a new front fascia along with slightly reshaped headlights. And instead of its usual semi-bulky appearance, the 2017 model now employs a sleeker and more streamlined finish. Needless to say, the 2017 model now brings it in the same line with both Model X Crossover and Model 3 Sedan.



Even though Tesla has made the 2017 model a new look, it actually just refine the previous model style by giving it a more sporty look. The headlights have now a LED Strip outlining the top and the lens’ outer side while a smaller LED Strip adorns the upper edge.



The 2017 Model S still features a 17-inch screen that controls every car functions outside the power windows and door locks. Its center console still contains cup holders, though it was raised a little bit. However, it now features a new storage bin that is located right in the middle, where the gear shifter is supposed to be. The biggest change so far is the passenger seat’s front now has a trim insert that brings it along with its upper dash part.


Additional features include the company’s Ludicrous Speed Upgrade offer, which enables the engine’s overall performance to increase. Next is the Premium Upgrades Package, bringing Nappa Leather to dashboard and armrests along with upper dashboard seating and Alcantara Headliner. The third one is the Subzero Weather Package, which offers a heated steering wheel, seats, wash nozzle heaters and warm blade defrosters. And the last one is the Ultra High Fidelity Sound Package, bringing SiriusXM radio, larger audio amplifier, subwoofer and 12 speakers along with it.


  • Category : Luxury Hybrid and Electric Vehicle
  • Drivetrain : RWD or AWD for 70D; AWD for both 90D and P90D
  • 0-60 mph : 5.5 seconds (70D RWD), 5.2 seconds (70D AWD), 4.2 seconds (90D), 3.1 – 2.8 seconds (P90D)
  • Top Speed : 140 mph (70D), 155 mph (90D and P90D
  • Price : $71,500 for 70D RWD; $76,500 for 70D AWD; $89,500 for 90D and $109,500for P90D
Tesla Model S 2017
Tesla Model S 2017