Tesla Model S 70D

Tesla Model S 70D 2015 – Specifications, Price and Release

Okay, so Tesla models always make history and two years ago, S 70D made a great impression for an electric car.  Now, it is making way for another write up after its recent update.  Starting at estimated $60,000, it is a hatchback super sedan that might just be out of reach even for a modern mid-class household.  But man, does it rev up inside a man’s heart.  Having a complete package of exterior, internal [aspects] and entertainment performance, Tesla Model S 70D sure has it all.

Tesla Model S 70D
Tesla Model S 70D


Exterior and Interior

Tesla endowed its super sedan with no nonsense colors of black and rich silver.  At first glance, you might instantly dismiss the design for a typical sedan.  But just like a supermodel gone incognito, something about it makes your head snap back and follow it with you gaze.  Something in it tells you that’s it’s no ordinary vehicle but a true supercar even without hearing it rev up.


Inside, class adorns every inch, specifically the seats that can be maximized into 7 after the jump seats pop up of their rest. Just at the center of the dashboard, seats the 17-inch touch screen like a true queen.  It navigates, entertain, controls and inform the driver and everyone on board with its multi-tasking functions.


Engine and Transmission

Now for the most interesting piece of information… ever wonder why there’s a ‘D’ together with 70 in its name? The letter ‘D’ signifies an updated dual-motor-all-wheel drive.  The front and rear motors are both induction AC motors that can summon 257 horsepower and 203 lb-ft. of torque.  S 70D also carries 70-kWh lithium-ion battery pack that’s friendly for an average of 90MPGe.

Tesla Model S 70D
Tesla Model S 70D



  • Engine : (front) induction AC
    • Front motor output : (power) 257 hp; (torque) 203 lb-ft.
    • Rear motor output : (power) 257 hp; (torque)203 lb-ft.
    • Combined output : (power) 329 hp; (torque) 406 lb-ft;
  • Transmission : (front) 1-speed direct drive; (rear) 1-speed direct drive
  • Mileage : (city) 101 MPGe; (high way) 102 MPGe