Toyota C-HR

Toyota C-HR Concept : Ultimate Crossover in the Making

When Toyota brought out the quirky Prius, well not everyone has been impressed by the weird beast.  It may be a failed first time for the Japanese carmaker in putting a foot on the quirky side.  But let us not get frustrated, shall we?  The second step did the trick and this is named as Toyota C-HR.


Toyota C-HR
Toyota C-HR


From the debutant last year has been enhanced into a four-door vehicle with the same features of aggressiveness.  Note the big wheels and the futuristic design language it bears.  According to Toyota, it’s one step closer to the production process and will be distributed by mid-year of 2016.  It directly challenges Nissan Juke, Jeep Renegade and Mazda CX-3 under the compact crossover competition.


Details are not yet available for C-HR though as a teaser, the company stated that it will share Prius’ full hybrid petrol-electric powertrain.  It may also be offered in all-wheel and front-wheel drivetrains just like its competitors.  Meanwhile, we can see that the crossover’s coupe-like silhouette set over the huge wheels.  It also bears a unique flat front bumper, headlamps hoisted up to chest-level and the attractive waistline peak by the rear doors.


Beholders may be tempted into buying C-HR even with its look; most especially if they are also impressed by how the roof gives off the floating effect reminiscent of a handsome model’s swept back hairstyle. The L-shaped taillights are also pretty distracting in a good kind of way.


We may yet expect surprises from Toyota though we won’t be too much surprised if C-HR will be packed in big guns.     For the meantime, we have to stay tune for further announcements and release of details about our favorite Japanese crossover.


Toyota C-HR
Toyota C-HR