Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai Specification, Price, Release Date, Review, mileage

Toyota is bound to release its very first revolutionary hydrogen powered model in the futuristic essence of Mirai on 2015 in the US and Europe.  The name Mirai itself means “future” in the native country of Toyota.  Indeed, Mirai exhibits the ultramodern design of large chrome grills which double purposes as air ducts for utmost air intake.  This pair of grills is the most eye-catching exterior component of Mirai. Comparing it to Prius, its marked competitor, Mirai holds more innovative features.


Toyota Mirai
Toyota Mirai


Mirai is powered by Toyota Fuel Cell System (TFCS), a product of two-decade rigid research and innovation by the Japanese vehicle manufacturer. The 4-door, mid-size sedan is equipped by two (2) high-pressure hydrogen tanks. With the front tank can capacitate 60 liters while the rear tank can bear a maximum of 62.4 liters.  During Mirai’s test driving, it demonstrated a 550kms driving distance.  Further, refilling hydrogen for the tanks merely takes 5 minutes of time versus the time-consuming refill of electric vehicles. In the US, Toyota came into partnership with Air Liquide to add  12 more hydrogen refilling stations to avoid snags within the states of New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and the Rhode Island.


Toyota Mirai
Toyota Mirai


The interior structure and design won’t fail to transport you to the distant future.  The sable touchscreen panels, the speedometers and other driving specifics of the powertrain are all set in the curved dashboard.  The dashboard also includes 4.2” infotainment screen, navigation indicators and buttons intended for the climate control system.  Spacing for the driver and passengers may list some compunction but Mirai seats enables an 8-way adjustment.


Pricing for Mirai roughly starts at $58, 500 (or an estimated Rs. 35 Lakh) and will obtainable in the US and European markets at the second semester of 2015.


                Toyota Mira Profile of Specifications:

  • Vehicle Type : Sedan (4 Doors, 4 Passengers)
  • Vehicle Dimensions : 192.4” (L); 71.5” (W); 60.4” (H); 109.4” (WB); 4100lbs (Weight)
  • Engine Type : nickel-metal-hydride battery pack; 151 horsepower
  • Fuel-Cell Type : 114kW proton-exchange membrane
  • Mileage : 550Kms

Fuel Economy    : (EPA city vs. highway) 56 vs. 59 MPGe