Toyota Mirai 2016

Toyota Mirai 2016 : The First Fuel Cell-Powered Car for Sale

Mirai stands up as the Japanese term for “the future.” A big feat for the carmaker of the East, Mirai greatly resembles the meaning of its name.  Donned with futuristic features and equipped with fuelcell it dominates its own field.


Toyota Mirai 2016
Toyota Mirai 2016


Exterior and Interior

Futuristic.  This may be a redundant description for Mirai’s looks and even in the cabin but it is the perfect word for the car, honestly!  It is can effortlessly compete with the posh horses that emit CO2and can turn and heads with its handsome demeanor.


The sedan’s cabin provides enough space and comfort for its occupants.  You can see plastic with various finishes but overall the touch is comforting.  On the dashboard, the instruments are placed high in the center reminiscent of Toyota Prius.  Notably the stereo, navigation controls and air conditioner are accessible.  This is true also with the touch-sensitive sliders that control the cabin temperature.


Performance and Filling Stations

Despite the water emissions that cause no harm to the environment, Mirai feels like an electric car during the drive.  Yet, one has to remark on the smooth surge of power as the accelerator is depressed from a standstill.


Mirai is majorly made to perform in the urban setting so running around it is not a problem.  Above the 45mph, though, you can feel that the car is beginning to tire but still has the power to keep up with the traffic.


Californian clients and even those in the Northeastern part should not be worried about the refilling stations as they have a couple of these were already installed, ready to serve.  Additionally, Air Liquide will be in partnership with Toyota soon for expansion of refilling service.



  • Motor : synchronous AC, front placement
    • Power : 152hp
    • Torque : 247 lb.-ft.


  • Fuel Cell Stack : solid polymer electrolyte
    • Power : 153 hp


  • Transmission : 1-speed direct drive
  • Drivetrain : FWD
  • Mileage : (city) 67 mPGe; (highway) 67 mPGe
  • Price : starting at $58,325 (same as tested)


Toyota Mirai 2016
Toyota Mirai 2016


Toyota Mirai 2016
Toyota Mirai 2016\