Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra 2015 – Expected Price and Details

Speaking of blazing wheels of the modern to-day! Toyota plans to make Supra a moniker for their FT-1 concept, but it would be a long fetch.  For one, FT-1 sports a truly amazing blaze for a sports car.  Both exterior and interior qualities embody the true sense of the word.  Such a shame that “Supra” is not a top favorite name for it.



For a car in 2015, Supra is externally designed as a car one or two decades from now.  Apparent features are curves found from a beautiful abstract painting.  Toyota still opts for conventional hues which portray elegance and power.  Photos herein show Supra in red with white linings, but the manufacturer will release attractive sets in black and many more.  Front fascia flashes a mean-looking speedster that could let you swoon.


Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra


Engine and Transmission

Engine options are still a current issue within the walls of Toyota Company.  There seems to be very cool options though like a hybrid engine.  Probabilities include a 3.5L V6 that is capable of summoning 350hp and 372 Nm of torque; or 5-I V8 engine with 450hp and 520 Nm of torque.  What is the most apparent among the three is the hybrid engine that has an expected top speed of 275 kilometers per hour using the petrol-fuelled engine.  Whatever they may choose, the man behind the Supra’s wheels is sure to experience smooth-surfing on the roads.



Upon release Toyota Supra may come with a hefty price tag of $40,000 to $50,000 which will vary in car versions.