Volkswagen BUDD e

Volkswagen BUDD e – Definitely an Eye-catcher

Many surprises had been revealed this 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. From the latest technology and mobile phones up to cars, there are many things that really caught our attention. And this time, Volkswagen had really done the trick.


 Volkswagen BUDD e
Volkswagen BUDD e


Introducing their newest car concept, the Volkswagen BUDD-e, made its debut in CES three days ago. Inspired by Microbus, this small and purely-electric small van was purposely built to have that human-friendly image, aside from being eco-friendly. Two electric motors power all four wheels, which can reach a 93 mph top speed on the road. In addition to that, our first glimpse of the company’s new MEB (Modularer Elektrischer Baukasten) architecture, which Volkswagen promises to be the future design of their electric cars, is somehow an overall improvement of their Microbus concept.


Most of us still remember the fact that the U.S. Department of Justice had recently filed a suit against Volkswagen last October 2015 for cheating on their EPA emissions tests. Most people think that maybe, this car is somehow a form of penance for the scandal, though others think that what happened in CES is purely coincidental. On the other hand, the company had promised the public that they are going to be producing electric vehicles that are going to have a driving range comparable to a gasoline or diesel-powered car in the next decades.


However, the fact still remains that we still have to wait a little longer for that Microbus concept to finally hit the market.



  • Category : Electric Van
  • Engine : 2 electric motors
  • Top Speed : 93 mph