Volkswagen Passat 2016

Volkswagen Passat 2016 : VW Victor, Impressively Enough as a Family Sedan

The climax of Volkwagen’s TDI emission scandal had passed but not yet forgotten.  In order to make-up, VW made sure that the mass receives good news and this is where the 2016 model of Passat enters.  Others consider its unveiling a little too early, what’s too early when you need to apply a first-aid treatment to a deeply-cut wound?


Volkswagen Passat 2016
Volkswagen Passat 2016


Salvaging Pride: Victor or Failure?

Passat may be timely to salve its brand’s wound.  It is there but just barely considering the expectations attached to a Volkswagen model.  While it acted as a first-aid treatment to VW, it failed to give a great competition to its contemporaries like Honda Accord, Mazda Mazda 6 and Ford Fusion.  Ranking 4th under its category may not be bad, but—hey!—we’re talking about a VW here!


New Look

Existing customers, enthusiasts and even the VW family may find Passat a scintillating redeemer, but it is yet too early to consider it a money-bringer.  Even if it is endowed with new looks starting at the A-Pillar, front end, taillights, trunklid to the wheel designs.  The best-looking of all flavors is the sportier R-Line that has a base price of $24,795.


Inside, there’s a subtle hint of renovation—apparent but not quite. It can be summarized into a simple word: UPGRADED.  It may have new instruments, new materials, décor and that horizontal crease at the top of the dashboard, but that’s it.  Technology features are reserve for SE, SEL and SEL Premium.



Here comes the downside of Passat—performance.  Even the SL Premium V6 failed to convince speedsters of a good on-the-road challenge as it lacks the aggressiveness.  It certainly can’t be consider as a speedster but at least it is decent enough to bring comfort with its suave and responsive characteristics which are more likely for a family sedan.


  • Category : Family Sedans
  • Engine
    • 8L twin-turbocharged 4-cylinder, front placement—170hp, 184 lb.-ft.
    • 6-liter VR-6, front placement—280hp, 258 lb.-ft.


  • Transmission
    • 6-speed automatic with manual shifting mode or
    • 6-speed dual-clutch automatic with manual shifting mode


  • Drivetrain : FWD
  • 0-60 mph : 6.4 to 7.6 seconds
  • Top Speed : 130 mph
  • Mileage : (city) 20-25 MPG; (highway) 28-38 MPG


  • Base Price
    • (S) $23,260
    • (R-Line) $24,795
    • (SE) $27,100
    • (SEL) $31,315
    • (SEL Premium) $35,090
    • (SEL Premium V-6) $37,655
Volkswagen Passat 2016
Volkswagen Passat 2016