VW Golf SportWagen Alltrack

VW Golf SportWagen Alltrack – Specs, Price, Release Date

The legendary German car-maker, Volkswagen, is all set to introduce its latest roadster, the VW Golf SportWagen Alltrack, on the upcoming 2015 New York Auto Show.  According to the car-maker itself, the debutant is a 4motion, all-wheel drive model with rugged looks and great fuel economy system.  It is expected to be released in the United States and other parts of the globe sometime in 2016.


VW Golf SportWagen Alltrack
VW Golf SportWagen Alltrack


Gauging the exterior qualities of Golf SportWagen AllTrack, one may mistakenly take it for an authentic metal body, but that’s not the case.  Volkswagen substituted metal framework for premium plastic body cladding.   To get its own skin identity, the model has been equipped with a revised front and rear bumpers. You can see clean cut and lines, totalling to simplicity.  Meanwhile, it is duly noted that VW Alltrack has a higher ride height and a more spacey interior.


Selection for the tandem of engine and transmission is yet to be announced for the US version of the AllTrack but it is offered with these variants off the borders of the States: a gasoline turbo-charged, 4 cylinder that can boost up to 178hp; and a variety of diesel engine with an output ranging from 109hp to 182 hp.


Precautions and necessary intelligent fuel economy entail the use of the front-wheel drive but immediately swings the responsibility to the rear wheels when the system detects a skid.  That time, it will direct 50 per cent of its engine’s power to the rear wheels via Haldex-5 coupling and trigger the electronic differential lock.


Golf SportWagen Alltrack has aggressively announced a direct competition against Volvo Cross Country and Subaru Outback.


VW Golf SportWagen Alltrack
VW Golf SportWagen Alltrack