What material are airbags made of – Cars

Airbags are inflatable and flexible air containers designed and installed by automobile manufacturers in vehicles, particularly in cars. They are for security measures and are placed in different compartments on anticipated spots where the driver or passenger would hit impact.  The concept of the airbag itself might be dismissed as a product of a child’s mind, but its technology helps save lives in numerous ways and occasions.

What material are airbags made of
What material are airbags made of


Before we reveal the material where car airbags are made out of, let’s have a look on how it actually works.


 Crash-sensitive Detectors

These detectors (also known as sensors) are adjusted to have the ability to ascertain power of impact that obliges bag inflation. Looks can be deceiving, as they say, for these detectors are tiny spheres made of steel which are trussed in place either by a magnet or springs.  The detectors calculate impact in lightning speed and if calculation crosses over the limit, airbags are inflated consequently.  It’s a rapid reaction that sets the spheres in motion and turns on the circuit responsible for the inflation of bags.


Three-move Reaction for Airbag Utilization

There are three moves that take place as a reaction upon crash.  First, the sphere detectors trigger the electrical circuit. The activation of the circuit provokes a smaller ball of sodium azide that further activates a chemical reaction, setting out nitrogen gas. Finally, with the nitrogen gas released, the bags are inflated in an instant or an estimated 0.05 seconds.



So what is the Material Used for Airbags? 

Since we are talking about chemical reaction and collision, it is just normal that the material used for these life-savers are taken into in-depth consideration, right? The airbags are usually made of nylon or polyamide. With the intricate knit-system of the fabric, it capacitates allowance for gases to escape slowly.  In effect, the airbags work as a soft protective cushion than a compact padding.