Salon Acne Treatments

Bare Facts about Salon Acne Treatments

Salon acne treatments are quite popular these days due to the fact that they promise clear skin, especially to those who have a bad case of acne in their faces. Because of these reasons, services availed from this kind of salon can be downright expensive.


The truth is, Salon Acne Treatment just works best for those who are experiencing mild acne, blackheads and comedonal acne. They can’t promise you treatments way beyond those cases. So if you have a really bad case of severe or nodular acne, you must better consult a dermatologist instead.

Salon Acne Treatments
Salon Acne Treatments


Most people are asking this question: What services does an Acne Treatment Salon offers? Well…there are various kinds of treatment that these places can offer you, such as:


  • Acne Facial Treatments – Facial treatment techniques really depend on a skin salon or spa you’re into since they have different techniques. However, their only goal is to clear out pores and deeply cleanse the skin. Along with this one, you may also be offered some facial mask, -facial steaming along with an oil-free skin moisturizer as finish.


  • Pore extractions – In this case, your facial skin pores will be cleansed out by manually removing whiteheads, blackheads and other kinds of pore blockages, as long as they are not inflamed.


  • Dermabrasions – Any kind of dermabrasion especially microdermabrasion, works by clearing out pores and scars and exfoliating our skin. It usually works out like a sandpaper ‘smoothing out’ rough edges in a piece of wood, though.