Can Medications Potentially affect Pregnancy Test Results

Can Medications Potentially affect Pregnancy Test Results?

Some doctors have been asked by women whether medications could probably affect their pregnancy test results. This is due to the fact that most women are worrying if their medications could potentially alter the pregnancy results, especially if she and her husband are expecting to have a baby. Right after asking the question, the doctors had given them a negative answer.


The truth is, there are very few medications that could probably affect a woman’s pregnancy test results. According to the doctors, the pregnancy tests that they conduct are actually based on the present levels of human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG in their urine. During the time of this writing, there are no known medications that directly alter hCG levels in a woman’s urine. Needless to say, the commonly-used medicines nowadays cannot affect the outcome of your pregnancy tests.

Can Medications Potentially affect Pregnancy Test Results?

Antibiotics versus Pregnancy test results

Even though some women taking antibiotics claim that they still became pregnant even though they’re taking pills, this is due to the fact that even though antibiotics don’t have hCG, they directly neutralize the pill’s effect on the woman’s body. That’s the main reason why doctors consider giving antibiotics to women who are taking the pill as a part of their birth control regimen.


Birth Control Pills versus Pregnancy test results

According to the doctors, birth control pills only affect the pregnancy test results if those are taken before and not after since they don’t have any effect on those women who are already pregnant. Needless to say, if you’re taking the pill, there’s no way for you to get pregnant in the first place unless you’re also taking antibiotics with it.


Illegal and Recreational Drugs versus Pregnancy test results

Scientific tests have also shown that substances like alcohol, cigarettes and illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine cannot alter a woman’s pregnancy test results. However, even though that it cannot give you a negative or even a false positive, chances are that your overall behavior will be somehow affected by those, which could probably lead you to have an unprotected sex and not using birth control pills as well.


What you must do if you think that your Pregnancy test kit is giving you wrong results

If you think that your pregnancy test kit is giving you a wrong answer, you must wait for at least a week before taking the pregnancy test again. Chances are that you have taken the pregnancy test at an earlier time than what is recommended, which is one week right after your last sexual intercourse.