Most Common Reason Why Women Wanted an Epidural Anesthesia

Most Common Reason Why Women Wanted an Epidural Anesthesia

Epidural Anesthesia or epidural, as it is commonly known, is the kind of common pain relief that’s being used by laboring women whenever they give birth nowadays. As we all know, in the case of normal childhood births, there’s usually no need for women to undergo this one due to the fact that labor pains are just normal. However, those who undergo an epidural have their own set of reasons, some of which are listed below:


  1. Women nowadays don’t want to feel labor pains during childbirth. Some women nowadays decide to undergo an epidural because they are afraid to feel the labor pains that are associated with childbirth. This the most common reason behind epidural usage nowadays.


  1. Women don’t want their own child get associated with the word Pain. Even though this reason sounds ridiculous, women nowadays want to remember childbirth as a very good experience and not a painful one


  1. They’re going to have a Caesarean Childbirth. We all know that women giving birth to their children undergo a very painful process, and a Caesarean kind of childbirth greatly amplifies that pain. Needless to say, it’s way impossible for women to have a Caesarean childbirth without herself having anesthetized beforehand.


  1. The Epidural was especially recommended by a very good friend. Even though this sounds quite ridiculous, we must not underestimate personal experience. Needless to say, this reason sure sounds like a personal endorsement, which is actually very effective most of the time.


  1. They had experienced having an epidural before. Just like the previous one, a past experience, especially a personal one, is one of the most probable reasons why women undergo an epidural. If the woman in labor had experienced this one before, there’s a bigger chance that she might want this done with her again.


  1. Doctor’s recommendation. Who of us doesn’t immediately take a medical expert’s advice nowadays? Due to the fact that medicine had evolved nicely for the past few decades, there’s no doubt that doctors will definitely recommend what he or she thinks is the best for the woman in labor. Needless to say, if he or she sees that the woman is afraid of labor pains, he or she will surely discuss it to the patient for consideration.


Despite these known reasons, we have no right to judge the woman involved in whatever reason why she wanted to have an epidural, especially if this involves her and her child’s safety.

Most Common Reason Why Women Wanted an Epidural Anesthesia