Different Types of Birth Control

5 Different Types of Birth Control and Their Effectiveness

Birth control is a method used by couples or husband and wife to plan proper timing of pregnancy.   This is not a modern practice but has been practiced for thousands of years already.  While there are various types of birth control methods, their effectiveness should be of upmost priority when it comes to choosing a method.

Different Types of Birth Control
Different Types of Birth Control


Bear in mind that the effectiveness of a birth control method depends on various factors.  As for one, your contraceptive should be used correctly and consistently.  You must not neglect their intake and make sure that you are taking them properly.


When it comes to knowing the effectiveness of the type of birth control you are using, you must also know what failure rates mean.  Failure rate signifies the opposite result of the effectiveness.  Let’s say you are comparing the effectiveness of a birth control pill and Depo Provera (DMPA).  You read that the pill has 8% failure rate; whereas Depo Provera has a 6%.  What do these facts tell you about effectiveness and failure?


Always remember that failure rates refer to the number of pregnancies out of 100 women who used the method within a year.  So by our comparison, there will be 8 out of 100 women who will get pregnant per year if they don’t use the pill properly.  On the other hand, there will be 6 out of 100 women who will get pregnant should they do not use Depo Provera correctly.  It also means that the pill has 92% effectiveness, while Depo Provera has 94% effectiveness.


Now, here’s the list of 5 different types of birth control methods and their effectiveness:

  • Permanent methods :  between 99.5% to 99.9%
  • Hormonal methods : between 92 to 99%
  • Prescription methods : between 86% to 99.9%
  • Natural methods (but not including abstinence) :  between 77% to 95%
  • OTC methods : between 72% to 88%


If you want a 100% fool proof, then the only method available is abstinence.  As you can see, the other 5 methods aforementioned have their own failure no matter how little they may be.